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I am the Founder of FitnessJobs.com


20 years ago I watched a TV commercial during a Superbowl about Monster.com. After researching Monster and other online job sites, I purchased FitnessJobs.com and a bunch of other great fitness domain names. Plus other, non-fitness domain names. As I approach retirement, I am selling some of these great domain names. I have made an incredible living with FitnessJobs.com; you could do the same with you own online business!

Fitness Domain Names for Sale or Lease


  • AquaticJobs.com, AquaticsJobs.com, AquticsCareers.com-$1,799 all 3.
  • ClubGiftCards.com-$799
  • ClubCompany.com -$2999
  • CrossFitJobs.com-$999
  • FitGiftCards.com, FitGiftCard.com-$999 for both.
  • FitnessJobs.com $200,000 and includes 20+ years of historical data, a fully customized website that syncs with Google for Jobs and other sites! 
  • FitnessandWellnessCommunity. com-$599.
  • FitnessStudioJobs.com, FitnessStudioJob.com-$1,499 for both.
  • GroupFitnessjobs.com-$799.
  • HealthClubImpossible.com-  $799
  • HowtoIncreasePersonalTraining. com, and IncreasePersonalTraining.com- $999 for both.
  • MixedMartialArtsJobs.com- $799.
  • NutriJobs.com & RDCareers.com- $999 for both.
  • ParkandRecreationJobs.com- $999
  • RecreationandLeisureJobs.com-  $599.
  • RespiratoryTherapstCareers.com $599.
  • SpaandSalonJobs.com, SpaandSalonJob.com, SalonandSpaJobs.com-$7,999 for all 3 and includes a fully customized website that syncs with Google for Jobs! 
  • TherapeuticRecreationJobs.com- $599.
  • TRXJobs.com-$499.
  • UniversityRecreationJobs.com- $499.
  • WaxingJobs.com-$499.
  • YogaJobs.com, YogaJob.com-$6,999 for both

MORE Fitness Domain Names






TheRVWorkout.com   999

RVWorkouts.com   999

TheRVGym.com   999

FitnessRV.com   799

MyRVGym   799

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